Both the pressure cookers and the slow cookers are wonderful tools when it comes to hands-off, convenient cooking. They are handy appliances that can do all the heavy lifting when you’re stewing and braising the tougher cuts of meat, cooking things like beans and similar vegetables, and many other things. Let’s see what their differences are:

The cooking process

The slow cookers, as their name suggests, work in a slow way because of the amount of heat that they’re using. They cook the food on the low heat settings for an extended period of time.

Pressure cookers, on the other hand, are preparing the food by means of steam heat and pressure – which is much faster.

How they work

When using a slow cooker, you’re supposed to be well-organized and leave all the ingredients inside before you, for example, leave for work. The container needs to be covered with a lid, and once you come back, the food will be ready for serving.

With the pressure cookers, the things are a little bit different – the release of steam makes the pressure go down and match the room temperature, and the period between the cessation of heat and the pressure release will give the food some extra time for cooking, which isn’t possible with the slow cooking.pressure cooker

What can I cook with them?

With the slow cooking, you’ll be able to prepare almost anything. The meals that turn out the best are the stews, soups, fish, vegetables, meat, and the desserts.

Their pressure-operated cousins are great for things such as grains, dried beans, rice, and also some sorts of stews, soups, and vegetables, depending on the unit’s built-in functions.

The types

slow cookers postNormally, the slow cookers come in the so-called stovetop models, relying on some variant of the external heat. There are also the electric models on the market, but they’re not so popular.

The pressure cookers could be divided into the electric and stovetop ones, with the electric ones having functions that let the user control the cooking in an easy and convenient way.

The maintenance

We can safely say that the slow cookers are easier to maintain – just keep them clean and store them away like you would do with any other kitchen appliance.

You have to be a bit more careful with the pressure cookers – take good care of the release valves, the lid, the pot’s base, the pan, and the gasket.

The opening methods

When it comes to pressure cookers, there are several different opening methods, as you have to make sure that your meal will take the right amount of heat and time. These methods are the quick release, the natural release, and the cold water release.

The things are much simpler with the slow cookers – you just have to raise the lid!


Your final decision between the purchase of these two kitchen appliances should depend upon how busy you are – if you like to take your time with cooking and aren’t always in a hurry, go for a slow cooker. If your lifestyle is fast or you have a needy family, choose a pressure cooker.