The slow cookers are, actually, very safe units to use. But, when you’re cooking food by using traditional or the precise slow cooker recipes, you should know that there are some crucial safety guidelines that you should follow – take a look at our five safety tips and ensure that the meal preparation goes on without any unnecessary risks:

Use the slow cooker on a flat & safe surface

We suggest that you always use the unit on a surface that’s flat and heat-safe, and the best example of it would be – your kitchen countertop! Keep the unit away from kitchen towels, piles of loose papers, sinks, and open windows. Also, it’s a nice idea to double-check that the cord isn’t stuck or crimped in any way, and that the hole on the lid is not facing the wall.

Use a slow cooker that’s programmable

safety tipsIf you’re planning to use this unit while you’re not at home, it would be an excellent idea to invest in one of those programmable slow cookers. These can be set to work either on the low or a high setting for a predetermined amount of time. And once this period passes, the programmable cooker will automatically change to “warm” setting, which will keep the meal at a safe temperature and you’ll be able to eat it once you get home.

Be careful with the frozen food

If you’d like to cook some frozen food, remember that you need to defrost it first. Also, all the other ingredients that you’re going to put in the pot need to be slightly warmed, or at least have the same temperature as the room that they’re in. In this way, the whole meal will reach the proper temperature of cooking within the secure cooking time.

Test the old slow cookers before you use them

old slow cookersWe know that picking up a vintage unit at a garage sale might be tempting, but before you use it for the first time, you should check its calibration and the heating elements. The best way to do this is filling 2/3 of it with tepid water, setting it to low temperature, and then checking the thermometer after around eight hours. It should show at least 185°.

Properly store and reheat the leftovers

Like with all food that you store in the freezer or the refrigerator, the leftovers from the slow cooker need to be properly cooled down to the room temperature before you put them in the fridge. And when it comes to reheating, never do it with your slow cooker. The experts are suggesting that the reheating should be done on the stove, and only after that can you place the food into the slow cooker in order to keep it warm.


These safety tips should help you do the slow cooking without the risk of harm to both yourself and the unit. Try following them the next time you turn on the unit and prevent the unnecessary accidents from happening.