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Iza-Hapa! Loving Day Fundraiser featuring Hapa Kitchen 0

Loving Day and Hapa Kitchen, products of interracial marriage, invite Louisiana couple Beth Humphrey and Terence McKay to fight prejudice with food 0

New York, NY, October 15, 2009

Loving Day and Hapa Kitchen host a multicultural community fundraising dinner, whose timing coincides with the national outrage surrounding the denial of a marriage license for an interracial couple in Louisiana.

Ken Tanabe, founder of The Loving Day Project ( in conjunction with Hapa Kitchen ( is pleased to announce a [...]

Hapa Harvest at Whisk & Ladle Supper Club 1

This Friday, we’re excited to be cooking in the kitchen of our good friends at Whisk & Ladle Supper Club. Our collaborative, “guest chef” meal will make use of the plentiful vegetables of early fall, though of course with many hapalicious twists. Focusing on seafood and classic French inspiration, here are the courses we will [...]