Dinner: Accomplished!

We’d like to thank everyone for coming out to Queens County Farm Museum on Friday for a special night with us. Due to rain, the may pole and bonfire activity was jettisoned, but we hope that guests enjoyed the rustic quaintness of the 18th-century farmhouse, fireplaces alight and blossoms abound, instead of dining in the orchard.

Special thanks to the amazing volunteer crew: Jackie, Laurel, Lia, Keith and Theo. And everyone at Queens Farm: Michael, Kristen, Keha, Kennon, Amy, STEVE, Gary and all the staff for being more than an amazing host to work with. Warm thanks to Sonja Hedlund and Dick Riseling of Apple Pond Farm for providing not only delicious lamb for the dinner but truly inspiring discussions on renewable energy and farming. As well as our gracious sommelier, Rory Callahan of New York Wine & Grape Association, Kate Lauber of Long Island-based Wolffer Estate winery who joined us for the meal and discussion, and Brooklyn Brewery for the beer.

Dick Riseling opens with a renewable energy discussion

diners were given handmade cherry blossom hair clips

a canape platter of edamame hummus

third course: Taiwanese Three Cup Lamb
(more photos at our Flickr pool)

Due to a few last-minute changes, the final menu was put into place and printed at the farm at… the last minute. Here is what we cooked:

Green Curry Deviled Eggs
Lamb Pate with Shiso Jelly
Lamb Headcheese with Cilantro and Wild Chives
Edamame Hummus on Wonton Crisps

first course
Lamb and Pork Belly Satay Lettuce Wraps
with pickled carrots, daikon, red cabbage and spicy almond sauce

second course
Lamb Gyoza/Jiaozi*
with apples, corn shoots and beet-stained honey yogurt sauce

third course
Taiwanese “Three Cup” Style Lamb Shoulder
with turnip-apple puree, seared scallions, green and purple pea shoots

fourth course
Pulled Lamb Neck and Pork Shoulder Spinach Salad
with micro mustard greens, flowering arugula and lemon-tofu vinaigrette

fifth course
Curry Carrot Ice Cream
with deep-fried cinnamon sugar dosa and ginger whipped cream

*Note that we couldn’t decide which was more appropriate, the Japanese word for this type of pan-fried, ground meat dumpling, or the Chinese word (or one of them, guotie being another). For equal opportunity’s sake more than clarity’s, we decided to name it both — also, because Cathy pinched the homemade dumpling dough at the crease in a definitively Chinese style (and cursed the whole time for the effort!).

Recipes will be trickling in for these courses in the coming weeks as we plan our next extravaganza. Hope you can join us again!

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  1. Congratulations! An unqualified success. And what gorgeous photos. liabulaong rocks.

    Posted May 4, 2009 at 2:53 pm | Permalink
  2. West coast hapa here loving your Hapa Kitchen idea (and blog). Just made bahn mi apps on toasted challah (alternately dubbed mini-mi’s or bahn mi sliders) and was floored to see your bahn mi app on the menu. Was a-quiver awaiting your recipe; sad to see it got 86′d, ah well. Keep it up, it’s fun to live vicariously cross country.

    Posted May 6, 2009 at 12:29 am | Permalink

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